What is in your garbage bag?

This project is the infographic about recycling. I want to deliver message to encourage recycling creation of garbage through this project.

  • Type Infographic
  • Image Source in.gov

Nowadays, the globe is suffering from various environmental problems. One of the cause of the problems is increasing garbage. The population of the globe is increasing continuously and disposable product cover the earth. At this stage, recycling is surely must-do.

This infographic is for audience who do not recycle well and just tied up trash at once and throw it away.For overall infographic I want to give serious feeling by using the realistic images. At first, by putting the hooking image, I wanted to attract attention and interest of audience. So I gathered some images of trash and the Earth and make the virtual image of the earth in the garbage bag. I put the ground on the half of the sheet and positioned the half of the garbage bag in the ground, express the landfill of garbage.

And I connected the incineration plant and garbage bag, so that the rest of the garbage could move to be incinerated. By making the smoke on the chimney of the plant I tried to express air pollution caused by incineration. Worldwide recycling rate is explained by the map with gradation colored by nation. The color of gradation means the rate of recycling. I decided red for the worst state(0%) to give warning sign. Once the garbage is buried in the ground, it takes too long to be disposed. I express the disposal period of several kinds of waste by chart, which has no bar and mark the value as the depth of waste. The deeper it locate, the longer it takes to be disposed. I also used the real photos of waste and make them seem buried in the ground. On the brighter part, I put the hopeful situation: how much we can save energy by recycling.

Early concept specification